Responsible Leadership – 10th International Conference on Sustainability and Responsibility 2020

How economy, science and politics work together for a sustainable world.

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Responsible Leadership 2021 –

10th international Conference on Sustainability and Responsibility


How economy, science and politics work togther for a sustainable world.

Do sustainable activities and economic congruently growth work together? In the past, responsible leadership – meaning courageously moving forward in the sense of responsible (brand) leadership – did predominantly focus on climate change and social engagement. However, since the beginning ot the corona-crisis, this is not enough any longer. For the future, „responsible leadership“ requires much more. Which CSR-concepts are still valid? What do we learn from the current crisis? Which activities and values are relevant for the future?

Alongside climate change, urbanisation, sustainable mobility, migration, modern infrastructure, etc. are still important and belong to our major challenges of current times. Therefore the global community has come to the agreement: it is our duty to preserve our habitats and resources for future generations.

Economy, science and politics have to responsibly and constructively deal with this situation – and, in addition to threats and fears, they mainly should focus on the challenges and opportunities. After all, “changing mindsets“ should not only mobilize those with reservations, also those who recognize potentials in innovations and market changes.

What does „responsible leadership“ mean in these turbulent times? What could, should or must top decision-makers today accomplish to change the world and be, at the same time, economically successful?

These are some of the key questions of our conference „Responsible Leadership – 9th International Conference on Sustainability and Responsibility“. It is organised by F.A.Z.-Institut, F.A.Z., Prof. Schwallbach, Humboldt University Berlin as well as Prof. Dr. René Schmidpeter, Dr. Juergen Meyer Endowed Chair at CBS, Cologne.

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